Wrath Of Man's Josh Hartnett is also in Guy Ritchie's next film

Guy Ritchie has always had a small stable of actors he’s returned to again and again, including his old pal Jason Statham, with whom he’s teamed for the new movie Wrath Of Man. And fortunately for Josh Hartnett, he’s now firmly included in that stable. He’s a scene-stealer as Wrath’s doofy Boy Sweat Dave, and he’ll play Danny Franscesco in what IMDb is calling “Untitled Guy Ritchie Film,” which Hartnett says is already in the can. More on that movie and Wrath Of Man in the clip above, which also finds Hartnett telling The A.V. Club about his quest for automobile vengeance.

Below, you’ll also find part of our conversation with another Wrath star, Raúl Castillo, who waxes rhapsodic on the one-two combination of Benicio Del Toro and Brad Pitt in yet another Ritchie movie, Snatch.

Wrath Of Man is in theaters Friday, May 7.

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