Rockland County newspaper founder Arthur Aldrich remembered

Arthur Aldrich, longtime publisher of the weekly Our Town newspaper, died last Monday, April 12, at age 83.

Aldrich was founder of Community Media newspapers, which served various Rockland and Bergen County, New Jersey, communities over the years. 

Aldrich also had a weekly radio gig on WRCR AM 1700.

He was remembered this past week for his role in Rockland’s media landscape, his community involvement and his volunteerism.

John Murphy, a former Rockland County legislator who represented parts of Orangetown, called Aldrich “a 20th Century Sherpa Guide with a moral compass in a changing culture.”

Murphy, who served as a Republican in the Legislature, said his friend of more than half a century “could read my mind and would tell me when I was moving too slow or too fast, when I was right and when was wrong.” 

Murphy, a longtime advocate for people with disabilities and veterans, called Aldrich “a Renaissance man without pretentions, a philosopher without snobbery, a warrior for justice wielding just a pen.”

Arthur Aldrich, founder and publisher of Our Town and other local weeklies in the Rockland County region.

Michael Bongiorno, a former Rockland County District Attorney, had written a regular column for Our Town; he took the conservative viewpoint and the column was twinned with one that carried a liberal perspective. “Art was a dedicated journalist who thought and worked outside the box, but always directed his energy to reporting the truth, exposing corruption and incompetence, and serving the public interest,” Bongiorno said.

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