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Translation applications became an integral part of every trip or the process of meeting someone from a different culture. They help us understand each other and not to forget the information that has been pronounced.

The apps can also save you in any situation: when going abroad without knowing the local language or foreign language classes without an Internet connection. You can significantly improve your foreign language speaking skills with these apps and become a better traveler!

Language Apps

This pocket translator supports more than a hundred languages, which is an absolute record among such apps. It is perfectly integrated into the Android and iOS systems, so the translation is quick and comfortable.

Google Translate will not let you get lost in a foreign country: you can take a photo of the object with the app, and the algorithms will translate the text that they find in the image. You can also dictate the necessary information into Google Translate, wait a few seconds while it transcribes and translates it. 

Preply is the application where you can find both online tutors and translate words or phrases. The app supports iOS and Android systems and can be easily integrated into the software. The application allows you to learn languages by having video calls with the tutor.

Preply is a great way of translating words during the learning process.

Preply also has an extensive library of online tutors to choose the one you are looking for. There are ways to improve your English speaking skills at home with the help of apps and boost a foreign language vocabulary. 

You can narrow the search of the tutor by setting the appropriate budget, the country of origin, and the experience of the tutor. It is handy that before meeting your instructor, you can watch a short introductory video with them, so there will be no surprises or questions about the personality of your future tutor.

Reverso Context allows you to see all possible translations of a word in the context of different sentences. The translator is suitable for the Intermediates or higher. It works with twelve of the most popular languages, and a web version is available for working on a computer. There you can scan official documents, create movie subtitles, and so on. 

The program is entirely free, but you will get access to history after paying for a subscription. You can see even more translations within the context and remove ads from the app.

This is the official application of the well-known dictionary of the English language. It contains hundreds of thousands of entries with detailed explanations, antonyms, synonyms, examples of use, related phrases in context.

There you can switch between dictionary and thesaurus modes with one swipe. There are dozens of games and many vocabulary tests available in Merriam-Webster Dictionary for the people who pay for the subscription.

iTranslate is the universal dictionary that supports ninety-two languages. It is less than Google Translate but noticeably more than the other applications. It is similar to its main competitors, and with one slight difference – there is no translation mode with photos and offline translation.

It is possible to watch some materials without access to the Internet through “Favorites” or “History” modes. We advise you to keep this application as a fallback if you need to translate any letter or article.

TripLingo is a pocket-sized phrasebook that occupies no space on your phone. It is not a dictionary in its classical sense, but a phrasebook that allows you to understand local people in other countries. More than one thousand of the most popular phrases are available in the application. A currency converter is included in the app to understand the cost of a particular product offered. The prior version of the app is free, but you can pay for the subscription if you want to receive no ads.

Going to Asia is more straightforward now with the PAPAGO app. It works perfectly with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. It is so helpful, mainly if you have never dealt with the hieroglyphs and Asin languages before. There are also English, Spanish, and French languages among the European languages added to the app. You can translate text, dictate or photograph the text in the application. PAPAGO also has an added phrasebook with essential phrases in all of the languages mentioned above.


Traveling or studying a foreign language is impossible without a proper translation app. There are thousands of excellent language software on the market that we can use for language purposes. Thankfully, when you have this small guide, you will not get lost in the applications and find the one that suits you the most!

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