Xbox Game Pass is a treasure trove for horror fans - here’s why

My mother never let me play horror games. In our house, if something was rated R then it was less of a suggestion and more of a rule. I pretended to understand when friends boasted about watching their older siblings play Silent Hill in the schoolyard and, in my early teens, reveled at how rebellious I was to secretly play Fatal Frame with my best friend at weekends. 

But the fact remained that I could never buy any of these games for myself. I was reliant on the revolutionary defiance of others and their parents. As such, there was a myriad of classic horror games (and films for that matter) that I missed out on when they were in their prime and, as time went on, I felt I had missed the boat. I continued to do an awkward shuffle when people asked: “What do you mean you haven’t played Silent Hill?” And quickly changed the subject when references to Resident Evil were brought up. That was until I got Xbox Game Pass.

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