They had to smuggle Julia Louis-Dreyfus to Falcon And The Winter Soldier

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier And Also Elaine Is There

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier And Also Elaine Is There
Photo: Chuck Zlotnick/Marvel Studios

Marvel loves its secrecy almost as much as it loves employing people who are very bad at keeping its secrets; when a large part of your mission statement is creating collective “Oooooh, didn’t see that coming!” moments for an entire society, your lips tend to get pretty tight. Still, there’s set security, and then there’s “Go get a giant cloak so that no one knows Julia Louis-Dreyfus is working on our Disney+ show,” and the latter is how intense security concerns on The Falcon And The Winter Soldier apparently got.

This is per Louis-Dreyfus herself, who posted a video to her official Twitter account yesterday showing her getting snapped into her Omega Man cosplay so that she could go play Countessa Valentina Allegra De Fontaine (call her Val) (don’t call her Val) on the streaming series. Is it a little ridiculous? Unquestionably. But it also makes it clear that all involved knew what a coup they’d achieved in casting JLD for the part of the enigmatic operative—especially since, Vanity Fair reports, the character was originally supposed to be introduced in Black Widow, before COVID-19 scotched those plans, insert sad trombone music here.

There’s no word yet on where else Louis-Dreyfus might end up popping, Robert Redford/Garry Shandling-style, in the MCU—given where the series leaves off, it wouldn’t be crazy to think she’d show up in the just-revealed Captain America 4—but wherever it is, hopefully she won’t have to go full Morlock anymore in order to make her way onto the set.

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