The best 17-inch laptop 2021: top large screen laptops for your money

The best 17-inch laptops tower over its 13-inch and 15-inch counterparts in more ways than one. Other than size, they dominate in other things as well – namely, specs, screen real estate, and cooling. Thanks to their massive size, these gaming portables have a bigger room to host more powerful internals and better thermal efficiency to keep them running optimally, as well as a bigger display that’s excellent for gaming and creative tasks.

Smaller laptops may win in size and portability, especially the best 13-inch laptops, but even the best 15-inch laptops struggle to beat the best 17-inch laptops in raw power. These behemoths deliver a faster and smoother performance ideal for demanding tasks such as 3D design, video editing, and gaming. Granted, they’re not going to be for everyone. But, if you need a whole lot of power while keeping your portability option somewhat flexible, then you’re in the right place.

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