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Podcast But Outside

Podcast But Outside
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Podcasts are cool, but the fact that they’re recorded inside makes it much more difficult for random strangers to walk by, grab a microphone, and then either tell fascinating stories from their surprisingly interesting lives or drunkenly argue with everyone until they’ve created a uniquely uncomfortable—yet entertaining—listening experience. That’s presumably why Andrew Michaan and Cole Hersch created Podcast But Outside, a show that is (according to them) the only podcast recorded outside, and one that is both very silly and very enlightening in the ways it highlights the experiences of people who may be outside of your social and cultural bubble.

For 99 episodes, Michaan and Hersch have set up a table on street corners, near skateparks, and at weddings to talk to everyone from multiple flight attendants, a man who saves money on vacations by scheduling them around terrorist attacks, and the occasional actual famous person like Reggie Watts or Rob Huebel. With the pandemic blowing up the entire premise of the show last year, they also briefly turned the podcast into a phenomenal Omegle Talent Show, a Bachelor-style dating competition, and a series of video therapy sessions.

One of the show’s best running jokes is that Michaan and Hersch are always hoping that Jon Hamm will randomly walk by their table and agree to sit down to chat, even though a lot of the regular people they have on as guests have never actually heard of him. The number of celebrities they’ve coincidentally run into over the course of the show is pretty low, though Jesse Hughes from Eagles Of Death Metal was found hanging out by a Best Buy in one episode and was very eager to share some questionable comments, but that has finally changed with the show’s 100th episode—available on podcast platforms and the show’s YouTube page today.

In this exclusive A.V. Club clip, the hosts finally meet Jon Hamm, compare their polio and Polo vaccines, and then try to get some information from him about Mad Men 2: The Search For Curly’s Gold. To see the full episode, head over to YouTube.

Again, you can find this and the other 99 episodes of Podcast But Outside on your favorite podcast platform and the show’s YouTube page, which tends to offer some goofy visual gags that you’re missing out on with the audio version.

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