Jeremy Renner says Marvel's Hawkeye Disney+ show has wrapped

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Actor, musician, and entrepreneur Jeremy Renner is a lot of things. A complicated modern man, who develops apps, writes blues rock, and hangs out with Taika Waititi, Renner is the masculine ideal for all men who want to be Renner. And if there’s one lesson we can learn from the “Jeremy Renner Guide to Being a Man,” or as the uninitiated call it “his Instagram,” it’s that gratitude is essential to the Jeremy Renner experience.

With that in mind, announcing the end of filming on the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner took a moment on Instagram to thank the cast, crew, and stunt performers who made his new Marvel series Hawkeye possible. The magnanimous Renner graciously posted a black and white selfie of himself mid-clap with a stern look on his face. “Thanks,” the picture implies.

“Bravo to everyone @marvel @disneyplus, our entire crew, stunt team @heidimoneymaker and amazing cast for all the hard work out into this show!!!” Renner wrote on Instagram. “We can’t wait to share it. Thank you all for the incredible journey.”

Noticeably absent from Renner’s post are the cast, the crew, and that smile America can’t get enough of. Such grievous business it is, thanking people for their hard work. As the saying goes, never show them your crew and never let them see your staff and never let them see you smile.

Renner has reason to clap. The long-delayed solo outing for Renner’s Hawkeye comes after about a decade of mainly being relegated to the sidelines in many Marvel adventures. Whether he’s perched in a crow’s in Thor or inserting USB arrows in The Avengers, Hawkeye, the least exciting team member, rarely gets that much to do.

In 2019, Disney reportedly considered putting all Hawkeye-related material on ice after abuse allegations lodged by his ex-wife. Disney reportedly even floated the idea of replacing him, which did not come to pass.

One has to wonder if the special effects wizards team behind Jeremy Renner’s CGI arms in the movie Tag received any Instagram love. And what of the coders behind the Jeremy Renner app? Do they not deserve Renner’s famed applause? Don’t forget the little people, Jeremy.

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