Dominique Fishback joins new Transformers movie

Dominique Fishback

Dominique Fishback
Photo: Cindy Ord (Getty Images)

What’s it going to take to get people to care about a new Transformers movie? They got rid of Michael Bay and the needlessly complex mythology of his series for Bumblebee, and while that movie got more of a positive response than most of the others, it still didn’t really make it cool to like the Transformers movies (meaning it’s still between “quietly shameful” and “mildly offensive.”) That might change for the next one, though, which roped in Hamilton and In The HeightsAnthony Ramos earlier this month and is now adding Judas And The Black Messiah standout Dominique Fishback. Those are hip, buzzy stars! And they’re going to be in a Transformers movie!

We still don’t know much of anything about this Transformers movie, though. It’s one of two that are currently in the works, with this one being directed by Steven Caple Jr. from Creed 2 (the other is being made by Angel Manuel Soto, and we also know nothing about it). This one will be in theaters on June 24, 2022, so hopefully Paramount can figure out a plot and stuff before then. Also, it’s not necessarily going to make for a better or more socially acceptable movie, but Deadline points out that Fishback and Ramos have been friends for years and that they were in a play together in college. That’s cute, right? Now just imagine two people who are friends, and also Optimus Prime is there. Are you more or less on board?

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