Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate 2 and Icewind Dale Enhanced Editions receive major update

Baldur's Gate

Developer Beamdog has released new updates to the Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate 2 and Icewind Dale Enhanced Editions of its games bringing plenty of new features tweaks, enhancements and bug fixes you to enjoy.

“We just launched Patch 2.6 for Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate II, Siege of Dragonspear and Icewind Dale Enhanced Editions. This massive patch upgrades the games to 64-bit systems, fixes hundreds of bugs, and adds brand new portraits & voice sets to customize your heroes— including two sets from the legendary Mark Meer (voice of Commander Shepard in Mass Effect)! Huge thanks to our heroic community for their tireless adventuring in beta builds for this mammoth patch. Thank You! Note: Patch 2.6 won’t fix every issue in the games, but don’t worry— we’re still working on future updates!”

Patch Highlights include:

– Upgrade to 64-Bit | A much needed upgrade for modern machines— this improves system compatibility
– 7 New Character Voice Sets | New player voice sets, including two from the legendary Mark Meer reprising his roles as Alveus Malcanter and Baeloth Barrityl
– 11 New Character Portraits | New character portraits to customize your hero’s look
– Hundreds of Bug Fixes | Includes scores of fixes to spells and hero abilities
– Improved Pathfinding | Smoother party movement and navigation
– New Localizations |
– Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition | Added French text localization (beta)
– Baldur’s Gate: Siege of Dragonspear | Added French (beta), Italian, German, Ukrainian and Polish text localizations
– Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition | Added Brazilian Portuguese and Chinese (Simplified) text localizations

Multiplayer Improvements :

– Area Names | Area names now display correctly on multiplayer saves
– Character Imports | Fixed issue with multiplayer character imports, specifically thief skills
– Chat Hotkey | Added a hotkey for multiplayer chat: hit “T” to open the chat
– Crash Fixes | Fixed several multiplayer crashes
– Client Connection | Fixed a few conditions preventing client connection
– Error Handling | Improved internal error handling
– Host Reload | Hosts reloading no longer cause clients to get stuck in level-up
– New Characters | New characters joining multiplayer sessions no longer receive default equipment
– Player Familiars | Player familiars and their stat blocks now load correctly in multiplayer games
– Time Played | Fixed error in multiplayer time played information
– Troubleshooting | Improved multiplayer troubleshooting by adding a network.log file and a fix to how the jingle.log file resets

Known issues still lurking include :

– New System Requirements | 32-bit operating systems are no longer supported. Check out the updated system requirements below, or visit game pages for details.
Crossplay with Mobile | Crossplay between computers and mobile devices will not be available until we release the 2.6 patch for iOS and Android (this is in the works!!).
– OpenAL | Some windows users encounter launch issues due to OpenAL. If your game fails to launch, try reinstalling OpenAL— the installer “oalinst.exe” can be found in the root of the game install folder.
– Multiplayer Latency | Some players report multiplayer latency (delay in communication between game clients)
– French Localizations in Beta | We consider the new French text localization to be a beta release. We welcome feedback from the community!
– Haste Spell | The spell works correctly, but the combat log doesn’t reflect the correct double speed/damage that is taking place

Source : Steam

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