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Product Description


Perfect choice for cooking!

A perfectly cooked meal requires a precise temperature reading. The SMARTRO thermometer is a 3 probes digital wireless Bluetooth food thermometer makes it easy to cook everyone’s meat to order!

Now you can cook three different kinds of protein or grill rare, medium, and well-done meat to perfection. The long probes deliver ultra-precise temperature readings and the durable materials can withstand temperatures up to 716°F. Each temperature probe is color-coded, it’s easy to keep track.

Set the food type and your desired level of cooking temperature. The SMARTRO Wireless meat thermometer tracks and times your cooking so that you can spend quality time with friends and family instead of babysitting the grill. Your phone will alarm once the food is ready.

BBQ Thermometer Features

1. Large, digital back-lit LED display with blue and orange readings on it.

2. Multiple probes technology, monitor three different meats for grill/oven temp.

3. With strong magnet on the back, the cooking thermometer oven safe can be attached on the fridge.

4. Customize your own cooking temperature.

5. Wide Temperature Range:-22℉-572℉(-30℃-300℃).

6. Fahrenheit and Celsius adjustable.

7. Uses: BBQ, Oven, Grill, Roast, Beef Steak, Pork Chop, Meat, Food, Liquid, Milk, Soup.

oven thermometeroven thermometer

Monitor Your Food with Wireless Bluetooth

No tedious setup steps, just one button to turn on/off and back lit. No more hassle of getting up and sitting back down to check on your meat. The app will automatically track the temperature, count down your timer, and alert you when dinner is served! For most devices, you can travel up to 170ft away from the oven, barbecue and stay connected.

Thermometer Instant ReadThermometer Instant Read

Ultra-Bright Colorful LED Never Turn-off

The portable grill thermometer is oven-proof and it has a convenient magnetic back, so you can hang it on any metal surface. The bright, colorful LED screen will never dim or turn off, so you can always read and track your cooking temperature, even during late night cookouts.

Digital wireless Bluetooth oven thermometerDigital wireless Bluetooth oven thermometer

Digital wireless Bluetooth oven thermometer for gas oven when grilling, baking, roasting, frying, smoking, BBQ, etc.

8 Types of Preset Meats: Beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken, fish.

4 Levels of Preset Doneness: Well done, medium, medium rare, rare.

Preset Temp: Preset your own temperature manually.

Share Your Delicious Food: Tap on the share icon to share your delicious food photos with your friends and families.

Preset Timer: Count down timer.


1. Please manually power off this thermometer after using it.

2. When measuring temperature is between 572°F and 716°F (300°C-380°C), the thermometer temperature displays “HH”, which indicates that probe temperature exceeds measurement range. At this time, the probe is not damaged and can be used next time.

3. Avoid probes with grill lids, grill grates or other hot spots with temperature over 572°F. Flare-ups can exceed 1,000°F which will damage probe.

kitchen thermometer

kitchen thermometer

food thermometer

food thermometer



The digital grill thermometer with bright, colorful LED screen will never dim or turn off. Large LED display can be used for grilling day or at night. Grill your delicious food while enjoy your precious time with your family.

The free temperature control app is available for IOS and Android devices with a powerful Bluetooth connection. With the SMARTRO App, you can start grilling in seconds. Simply choose your meat and select your ideal level of doneness.

The turkey thermometer with free app allows you to monitor different meats through your smartphone or tablet which can free you from your kitchen. Feel free to chat with friends, do chores or watch TV without having to physically check on your food temperature!

Main Features

Instant Read Digital Thermometer for Grilling BBQ Kitchen Food Cooking Thermometer for Oil Deep Fry Candy, Read Out in 1-3 seconds, Accuracy: ±0.7F

Dual Probe Digital Meat Thermometer with Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD Display,Waterproof High Temperature Resistant Probe, Monitor 2 kinds of food simultaneously

Touch Screen & Lcd Backlight Kitchen Food CookingThermometer with Timer. 6.7 inches long collapsible probe can endure heat from -4°F (-20℃) to 482°F(250℃)

Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling, Ultra-Bright LED Display Bluetooth Digital Cooking Food Thermometer Instant Read with 3 Probes for Oven

【Wireless Digital Meat Thermometer】This Bluetooth thermometer is equipped with advanced technology. It connects with the SMARTRO app for iPhone or Android through a powerful Bluetooth connection. Easily check temperatures, alarms, and countdowns on your app to get instant notifications on your phone or check the thermometer screen.
【3 Probes & Wide Temperature Range】With three different color-coded leave-in probes, you can track ultra-precise temperature readings for three different meats. The wide measuring range extends from -22℉ to 572℉. High heat resistant, 100% stainless steel probes are perfect for deep frying or smoking. Note: Flare-ups can exceed 1000°F which will damage the probe. Avoid grill lids, grill grates, and other hot spots with temperature that reach above 572°F.
【Ultra-Bright LED Display】48 bright LED lights are easy to read from any angle. The portable grilling thermometer is oven-proof and it has a convenient magnetic back, so you can hang it on any metal surface. The bright, colorful LED screen will never dim or turn off. Now you can always read and track your cooking temperature, even during late night cookouts.
【Timer & USDA Preset Temperatures】You can choose four preset doneness levels (well done, medium, medium rare, rare) for eight kinds of meat: beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken, fish. All temperatures and the timer can be customized to your taste. Plus, this oven thermometer can display temperatures in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
【The SMARTRO Smart Purchase】If you experience any issues during this time just contact the SMARTRO customer service team, we promise you a satisfied solution.Our SMARTRO support are always here to assist.



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