HBO Max orders 10 episodes of Bill Lawrence Head Of The Class reboot

Bill Lawrence

Bill Lawrence
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Huge news for the vocal and extant members of the collected HoTC community today, as Deadline reports that HBO Max has handed a 10-episode order to Bill Lawrence’s Head Of The Class reboot. The Scrubs and Cougar Town creator will revive the series at the streaming service, where he’ll have to face the laser-like scrutiny of those members of the internet population who still have large chunks of their social lives and identity rooted in their attachment to Class, which is probably what they call the show while living a life that requires a way to quickly truncate Head Of The Class with optimal clarity and speed.

News of the reboot first came to light last year, including Lawrence’s involvement in bringing back the series that made Dan Frischman a household name for residents of a very specific sort of household. (Also, here’s where we have to briefly double-take at being reminded that the series co-starred Dan Schneider, who would later go on to create a massive TV empire for Nickelodeon before being quietly excised from the company’s rolls after allegations of inappropriate behavior. Anyway!) The series also starred Howard Hesseman, later replaced by Billy Connolly in the final season, plus Robin Givens, William G. Schilling, and several other actors young and old alike, playing the administrators and members of a class of gifted high school students.

Lawrence’s version, meanwhile, has One Day At A Time star Isabella Gomez hopping from one reboot to the next, playing a supportive teacher operating in the Hesseman role. Jorge Diaz, Jolie Hoang-Rappaport, Gavin Lewis, Dior Goodjohn, Brandon Severs, Adrian Matthew Escalona, and Katie Beth Hall are all set to co-star. (Oh, plus Christa Miller, because you’re obviously not going to have a Bill Lawrence show without Christa Miller popping up from time to time.)

Anyway, we can’t wait to see what sort of debate breaks out about the reboot on the official Head Of The Class message boards, just as soon as a second person decides to register for an account.

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