Combar adventure multitool designed by Special Forces operatives


Outdoor adventurers, survivalists, explorers and campers may be interested in a new adventure tool called the Combar. Created thanks to successful crowdfunding campaigns which raised over $1 million for the concept the Combaris now available to purchase directly from the company’s online store. Available in two different varieties either the standard Combar or the Combar Pro priced at $425 and $600 respectively.

outdoor multitool

“We’re outdoor loving, ex-special ops family men. We’re adventurous. We’re the types that love what we do and do what we love. That’s why we formed Aclim8, a company that provides innovative outdoor solutions for the adventurous. Our first focus is COMBAR. We wanted to make something we knew we wouldn’t be able to live without. And so that’s exactly what we did. After years of development and testing, we’re proud to introduce COMBAR to the rest of the world. An entire premium tool-set in one grip.”


“The COMBAR was born out of our founders personal need as adventurers and serving for over 20 years in the Israeli Special Forces. They were looking for the one tool that could easily be carried and would give them the confidence to deal with whatever they would encounter. There were different types of tools on the market but none that met our founders’ standards. They went through patents from the last 100 years to see if others had worked to solve the issues they had, and indeed were surprised to find many inventors who had talked about the need and even patented a few tools, but none had ever turned into real products.”

– HIGHEST QUALITY WORKMANSHIP & PREMIUM MATERIALS – Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Glass Reinforced Nylon.
– HIGHEST PORTABILITY – Compact & Lightweight (3.5Lb / 1.6 Kg Only!).
– MILITARY SPEC – Developed According to US Military Standards.
– RAPID ACTIVATION AND SAFE USE – Unique Locking Mechanisms, All Sharp Edges Tucked Away, Modular Design for Immediate, Hassle-free Use.

Source : Combar

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