BLUETTI EP500 Pro 3000w portable power supply launches on Kickstarter



If you are searching for an affordable alternative to the Tesla Powerwall2 or similar to provide off grid or emergency power, you may be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign launched today for the powerful BLUETTI EP500 and BLUETTI EP500 Pro portable power stations. Last July, BLUETTI launched its smaller BLUETTI AC200 battery pack offering 2,000 watts of power and during the campaign successfully raised over $6.8 million, breaking the highest crowd funding record for its market. Using the technology and design from this earlier portable power supply BLUETTI is now pushing power delivery even higher and has this week released its first home energy storage solutions in the form of the EP500 and EP500 Pro.
BLUETTI EP500 Pro outputs

The innovative range of power supplies offer both a mobile and static solution and are capable of providing huge amounts of power when needed depending on your requirements, offering 2000 watts and 3000 watts respectively. The portable power supplies have been specifically designed to help keep your home running even if the power goes down, providing enough electricity to run air-conditioners, space heaters, electric stoves and more with ease. Equipped with a rugged chassis and four smooth rolling wheels the portable power supplies weigh approximately 180lbs and offers incredible mobility when compared to similar products such as the Tesla Powerwall and LG Chem RESU.

BLUETTI EP500 Pro portable power supply

If you are searching for a reliable outage protection system, that uses plug and play technology and is also equipped with grid surge protection, the latest offerings from BLUETTI are definitely worth more investigation. The EP500 is equipped with a pure sine wave AC inverter and surge up to to 4800 watt, while the EP500 Pro power supply can provide continuous power at 3000 watts, thanks to the ultra-durable and safe LiFePO4 battery packs with a recharge life of up to 6,000 cycles.

BLUETTI EP500 Pro application

Watch the video below for an overview of what you can expect from the advanced Battery Management System and on-board dual-core microcomputer which can be controlled directly from the companion smartphone application using Bluetooth or over the Internet remotely. The integrated Internet connectivity also provides an easy way to upgrade your firmware when required directly from the BLUETTI servers as it is rolled out.

If you require more power than a single EP500 power station can provide, BLUETTI has also created a handy Fusion Box enabling you to connect two EP500 or EP500 Pro power stations together without the need for any special skills or tools, doubling the output to 4,000 and 6,000 watts respectively. “Now you can operate your clothes dryer, stove, in-wall electric heater, and other high power appliances running flawlessly during blackouts!” says BLUETTI.

BLUETTI EP500 Pro 3000w power supply

Thanks to the integrated uninterrupted power supply within the EP500 system you can easily set up the BLUETTI power supplies to automatically switch on and provide emergency power to essentials devices if the grid goes down. Enabling you to benefit from continuous power and continue working without interruption or loss of data through power outages thanks to its plug and play design. Simply connect the EP500 or EP500 Pro to a wall outlet and turn on the UPS mode to benefit from uninterrupted power straight from the box. Or using the BLUETTI Home Integration Kit you can enjoy even more power by fully integrating the power supply into your home electrical circuit if needed.

BLUETTI EP500 Pro Specs

The EP500 systems also come equipped with an advanced MPPT solar inverter enabling you to charge them using solar power when required and use them remotely when away from the power grid. If this is something that might be useful to you, BLUETTI has created a folding solar panel, available to purchase separately, specifically designed to be used with their EP500 power supplies, providing 200 watt charging. The solar panels have been constructed using premium monocrystalline solar cells from SunPower which are coated with a durable ETFE coating. Providing a flexible solar panel that is ultraportable yet also rugged and capable of withstanding everyday knocks and bumps. For more information jump over to the BLUETTI Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

BLUETTI EP500 Pro Solar

Unfolded the solar panel measures 220cm x 52cm/86.6 x 20.5inch and folded the panel measures just 52.5cm x 52cm/20.7 x 20.5 inches for easy transportation and can be daisychain with others to provide even more solar power when required. The integrated inverter is capable of providing up to 1200 watts with the BLUETTI EP500 and 2400 watts BLUETTI EP500 Pro and the solar input can charge the 5.1kWh EP500 battery pack from 0 to full in less than 5 hours and the EP500 Pro from flat to full in less than 2.5 hours. Not only that but the EP500 series can also be charged from solar and AC simultaneously, handling up to 1800 watt or 4000 watt for the Pro version. BLUETTI explains a little more about its Split Phase Bonding technology.

“The rated AC inverter output power of 2000/3000 continuous watts is sufficient for most power needs, however, certainly not enough to power all of your electrical appliances. As an emergency energy storage power for the whole family, Bluetti has an option to double the AC output. For higher power loads, Bluetti is releasing its own “Split Phase Box”. With the “Split Phase Box,“ users can connect two EP500/Pro’s in series, and double the rated power output and capacity. The box will also will also offer the option of 220/240 volt output to power 240 volt appliances, which means you can now run your home air conditioner, clothes dryer, in-wall electric heater and other high power appliances with ease. No need to worry about power outages on a hot summer nights or cold, bitter winters anymore.”


If you are searching for a portable power solution for your home, office or remote locations the innovative BLUETTI EP500 and BLUETTI EP500 Pro power stations are now available to pre-order via Kickstarter with early bird pledges starting from $2,799 offering a 30% discount off the recommended retail price and a $0.55/Wh portable solution to your power needs. Purchasing two EP500’s during the Kickstarter campaign also allows you to take advantage of the increased power capacity by connecting the Voltage Fusion Box technology, and saving another $100.

BLUETTI EP500 Pro Dimensions

Shipping is expected to take place during June 2021 for the EP500 and one month later during August 2021 the EP500 Pro. To view all the early bird Kickstarter offers, specifications and accessories for the BLUETTI EP500 range jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page.

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