Abdtech 100 inch Projector Screen with Stand,Portable Wrinkle Free Outdoor Movie Screens 4K HD Rear Front Projections Movies Screen with Carry Bag for Indoor Home Theater Backyard Cinema Travel

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Product Description


Abdtech 100 Inch Outdoor Projector Screen With Stand

>> Abdtech 100inch outdoor projector screen with stand is ideal for budget solution for home theater cinema indoor outdoor or portable application.

>> Perfect for backyard, living room,media room classroom or office. When you want to share a good movie with your families and friends during camping or

barbecue, Abdtech 4K projector screen will add more fun into your entertainment!

>> Pull all accessories out from travel bag, you can assemble the home projector screen by separately connect simple accessories as per instruction.

>> It is portable for you to set up screen when you are at outdoor and want to enjoy a wonderful camping movie night or football games.

>> Taking it to anywhere you want, creating more fun at outdoor.


Wrinkle Free Outdoor Projection Screen

>> Made of high-quality material, portable outdoor movie screen is thicker than other screen in the market.

This projection screen can greatly restore the true color of the projection display to present the vivid video images to customers.

No color deviation, super real image it will show you.

>> Meanwhile, this projectors screen is wrinkle free and you don’t need to spend time to make wrinkle disappear.

You even can wash it when it gets dirt. Even no easy to turn yellow and suitable for long-term use. Very portable and durable!





Easy to set up

Easy to set up

Dual Fixed Design

>> Location pin design is of benefit to strengthen screen’s stability against the wind.When outdoor use, you can insert two posts to each rectangle base and firmly lock up. ***Recommend to use the screen on a flat ground and stay away from blowing wind. Sometimes it maybe needs some extra things to make it more stable as per situation.

>> 3-Side black border adopt hollow design convenient for posts insertion. Powerful tension makes outdoor projection screen more flatter, no wave or sectional image, providing wonderful viewing experience.

Lightweight & Portable

>> High-density aluminum poles offer good material performance.You can use multiple aluminum pipe to build large screen frame and meanwhile it didn’t add the weight of all whole.

>>High-quality material makes it more lightweight for hang on your shoulder or hold on one hand, more portable for carry out or pack down at anywhere. Making everywhere turn into your private cinema.

Easy to set up

You can set up the outdoor projector screen as per each steps instruction have. 2 people enough within 5 mins. Meanwhile portable travel bag is included. You can put all parts into the bag after finish it. More convenient for outdoor use.


【Unique Screen Edge Design】3-side black border adopt hollow design convenient for posts insertion. Outdoor projector screen will be greatly maintained itself flatness, no waves and wrinkles. When some breeze blows over and screen can’t easily be deflected. This design will increase its the whole screen’s stability and benefit for fast installation. No any complicated process of fixing outdoor movie screen.
【High-Quality Accessory】Outdoor movie screen with stand comes with several Lightweight aluminum poles.It don’t easily be rust or distorted. Deeper plastic joints can be perfectly insert into aluminum poles with a tight fit to avoid loose. Two oblong base with 4 fixed posts greatly make the stand very sturdy. Its base will take less rooms on its behind but meanwhile no lessen its stability.
【Lightweight And Easy To Carry】Rear projector screen with stand has weight of 5.7 lbs. You can hold it on one hand or put travel bags on your shoulders, easy to carry in anywhere you want and pack away. It is very portable and takes less space.You can put it in the car trunks for travel. Better enjoy an exciting movie with 4k ultra HD home projector when at outdoor. Compatible indoor with outdoor use. Great gift ideas on Birthday, Fathers day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and so on.
【Easy To Install Within 5 Mins】No screws, no strings,only several kinds of accessory, enough to fastly and firmly set it up. You don’t need to do research or buy for extra accessory. Two people work together can finish assembling within 5 mins. Great for rapidly transfer place with less time. If outdoor portable projector screen get dirty, you can wash it and then hang it up. ( Size of projector screen is 93.7 X 55 inch, the whole height of screen from ground is 88.1 inch )



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