Tom Hardy to star in Havoc from The Raid's Gareth Evans

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How’s this for a team-up that sounds like a guaranteed punch to a great many grizzled, angry faces: Tom Hardy is set to make a new film with The Raid’s Gareth Evans, playing a “bruised detective” who ends up kicking the underworld’s ass to save the son of a politician after he goes missing in the aftermath of a botched drug deal. And, seriously: Can’t you already hear the sounds of fist striking stubble, the gentle interplay of bloody teeth getting spat out into glasses of whiskey while percussive headbutts pop in the background? People are going to get beat up, is the vibe we’re going with here.

Evans’ new film is reportedly titled Havoc, and will star Hardy, who last showed up in theaters (or, you know) for Josh Trank’s impressionistic “biopic” Capone. (He’s also already filmed the second Venom movie, which is currently in post-production.) Evans, meanwhile, has been mostly hanging out on TV; his last feature was 2018’s horror effort Apostle, and since then his major output has been U.K. crime drama Gangs Of London. Together, their careers span a long history of often-very-dirty men punching, shooting, and stabbing each other, often while yelling things like “Oy, get these Peaky Blinders off of me!”, so we’re excited to see what kind of blood-soaked carnage they can develop now that they’re finally working together.

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