The most memorable Super Bowl commercials

Sorry WandaVision, but Britney Spears did it first. In 2002, Pepsi needed a spokesperson who could highlight the cross-generational appeal of their signature soda, and Spears—while only a few years into her music career—had already achieved the kind of ubiquitousness that made her feel like a timeless star, so she was a perfect fit for their “Pepsi: Now And Then” Super Bowl spot. At 90 seconds, the ad is a time warp of jingles, kicking off with a black-and-white ode to “Say Pepsi, Please!” of the late ’50s, and ending with modern, Britney-fied “The Joy Of Pepsi.” Spears gives (genuinely) one of her best on-screen performances as she flips through the decades, hamming it up in a bikini-clad ’60s beach party and going full Robert Palmer drag for 1989. It’s about as infectious and memorable as an advertisement from a multi-billion-dollar corporation can get, achieving a level of star-studded fun maybe only ever matched a few years later, when Beyoncé and Pink joined Britney Jean for a gladiatorial brawl at the Colosseum. [Cameron Scheetz]

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