Rebecca Black's "Friday Remix" video celebrates 10 years of her viral hit

10 years ago this week, a then-unknown teenager named Rebecca Black gave us “Friday”—an ode to being 13, recently blessed with your own ghost-written pop song, and feeling the sugar rush of having a whole weekend free and open right in front of you. Over the following decade, Black bided her time as “Friday” became a viral hit, absorbing the world’s mockery and money until the time was right to unleash “Friday (Remix)” upon us.

The video and track are as manic and disorienting as something that’s essentially a meme referencing a meme through the use of other memes should be. Black, dressed in leather and spikes, rides in a car filled with reaction image faces and, in the passenger seat, a framed gold record, singing about “fun, fun, fun, fun!” in squeaky autotune.

Every time the viewer’s eyes might begin to adjust to Black’s green screen fever dream, something new happens. The view shifts to a first-person perspective of spiky-nailed hands grabbing bowls of cereal that sparkle with hallucinatory explosions of light; the track shifts tempo and style to accommodate a guest verse from Big Freedia, 30H!3, or Dorian Electra; her car flies above the clouds and hovers over a city of awestruck onlookers.

None of it is good or bad. It is, in proper homage to the original “Friday,” something that transcends qualitative labels, existing as the unavoidable byproduct of an internet culture that no longer gives a shit about where the line between ironic and honest entertainment should be drawn. The only truth that can stand in light of “Friday Remix”s existence is that Friday remains a really good day of the week—by far the best time for partyin,’ partyin’ (yeah!).

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