Hulu picks up rebooted Animaniacs for a third season


Image: Amblin Television/Warner Bros. Animation

The first season of Hulu’s Animaniacs revival just premiered in November, but the streaming service has decided to renew the series for a third season before the second one has even premiered. This news was announced in a press release, with Hulu saying that the first season of the show “practically [blew up] the internet” already and promising that this third season will be “zany.” That would’ve been safe to assume, since Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are nothing if not zany, but it’s nice to get confirmation that the show won’t be making a turn toward seriousness in its third season—though, is there anything zanier than an extremely wacky cartoon show suddenly becoming a somber drama? That’s definitely a thing Animaniacs would do. Anyway, the press release also mentions that the first season “garnered the most social mentions of any Hulu Original to date” during its launch weekend, which is surely one of (if not the) main reason this quick renewal is happening. Viewership numbers are important, but breaking a record for “social mentions” is pure gold for a streaming platform.

The second season of Hulu’s revived version of this show will premiere later this year, so season three’s 10 episodes will presumably premiere at some point next year, or maybe even later this year if Hulu really ramps up production.

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