Dr. Oz’s quackery is the subject of a cathartic Maintenance Phase

Binge Mode has been going strong for years now; after its debut Game Of Thrones–focused season in 2017, hosts Mallory Rubin and Jason Concepcion have followed up with Harry Potter, Star Wars, and now, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, providing commentary on these franchises and offering insights on the sort of media that means so much to so many. In this episode, the hosts pick up their discussion of Avengers: Endgame, the megafilm that brings multiple years-long story arcs to a moving conclusion. Rubin, The Ringer’s editor-in-chief, and Concepcion, a former senior creative for the site, offer beautifully rendered commentary both lyrical and charming, treating their subject matter—which some might consider little more than big-budget Hollywood shlock—with an intellectually committed approach. The hosts pepper in some fun editorializing amid the in-depth analysis that is sure to make fans eager to revisit these movies. [Jose Nateras]

Maintenance Phase
Dr. Oz

If a TV show’s goal is to make the topic of health exciting, trust precisely zero of its recommendations. At least, that’s one conclusion you might be left with after this Dr. Oz–centric episode of Maintenance Phase, a fairly new and swiftly beloved podcast debunking the wellness industry. Hosts Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes need only share clips straight from The Dr. Oz Show (2009-present) to highlight the ways in which the show flirts with outright fraud. In one egregious example, a man clearly being positioned as a health expert sings the praises of a new weight loss supplement, conveniently neglecting to mention he’s actually a marketing executive for a company that manufactures supplements. Many doctors have warned against Dr. Oz’s misinformation, and he was even called before Congress to explain why he shouldn’t be tossed out on his ear for acting as a petty huckster—yet millions continue to tune in, and dubious products continue to fly off the shelves. If anyone you know suffers from “I heard resveratrol might solve all my problems”itis, prescribe them this episode of Maintenance Phase instead. [Marnie Shure]

If you find yourself stuck inside, feeling antsy for travel and wide-open spaces, you’ll want to swing by Rest Stop. Host Anna Holmquist, a Chicago indie music darling and leader of the band Ester, has made a podcast that sparkles in moonshine, taking us on a spacey semi-monthly virtual road trip. Stops include curious and offbeat roadside attractions, like the Minnesota’s giant ball of twine, the world’s largest basket, or a big Paul Bunyan. This episode is an exploration of the Gold Pyramid House, the largest 24-karat gold-plated object in existence, built in the 1970s in Wadsworth, Illinois. It’s a strange attraction, to say the least, and Holmquist’s original music is so relaxing, their voice so soothing, you feel like you’ve been beamed into the pyramid to explore the halls of the mysterious house yourself. Somehow, Rest Stop makes a vacation you are absolutely not on feel like a series of adventures you very much are. If you live for pulling over to read random historical markers, or just need something chill to listen to as you get ready for bed, Rest Stop is a good stop. [Morgan McNaught]

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