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Challenges that managers face in regards to the Learning & Development of the workforce are plenty. Out of these several challenges, one of the toughest ones is perhaps searching for various ways in which they could engage and train their diverse workforce. 

Thanks to technological advancement, location barriers are no more a challenge. This gave rise to experiential learning, for both in-house and remote employees. Experiential learning is nothing but learning by actually doing something rather than cramming up theoretical knowledge. With experiential learning, employees can practice solving real-life issues in a risk-free environment, thanks to formats like online simulations. 

Employees can now take initiatives to practice how they can solve problems, make decisions, or take ownership of their actions. 

Organizations have now found ways to grow their global workforce but often overlook the different learning needs that each one has. Every employee is different. They have different levels of experience, they live in different time zones, and they have separate goals in life – both personal and professional. 

Whatever the challenge may be, you can now solve them with the many learning solutions that are now readily available. These often make use of custom eLearning solutions that can ensure that the goals and objectives of your employees are being met. 

But should you really focus on experiential learning? Let’s figure out. 

  • Makes development process easy

One of the major reasons why managers should actually focus on experiential learning is because it helps in making the instructional design process a lot easier. When you are using real-life scenarios and helping employees learn the art of problem-solving, the task becomes a lot easier than working on every other instructional design process. 

You can use various microlearning strategies to make this easy for you. There are several custom learning solutions that have in-built authoring tools to help make this task a cakewalk. 

  • Knowledge application rate increases

More often than not, employees find it a little tricky to retain their theoretical knowledge. Till the time you do not practice what you learn, it is difficult to make sure you have everything stored in your mind. 

Thus, experiential learning can help employers solve this problem of their workforce. Through this type of learning, employees are given the ability to practice what they just learned. It is nothing but an additional valuable benefit for employees. 

Through this, it helps them understand how much they truly learned and find areas of improvement. They can first work on what they have already learned and failed at rather than piling up knowledge that will not be of much use to them. 

Experiential learning is highly engaging. 

When your workforce understands what’s truly good and helpful for them, they tend to get more motivated to work on it. When they feel that what they are being taught is irrelevant, they will be discouraged to attend the sessions. 

Experiential learning makes use of the right blend of rich media to elaborate on each concept or subject that is being focused on. This helps to boost engagement and also attract more employees as each one is offered a personalized experience. 

  • Knowledge retention increases 

As discussed above, theoretical knowledge and cramming sessions are the talks of the past. 

Format of experiential learning is such that it helps learners to retain the concepts and topics that they just learned. Since this method of learning is interactive, it has a higher engagement rate which makes this sort of training more effective. 

It is important that your employees remember what they learn. Otherwise, the purpose of your training efforts will only dissolve. 


Thus, as we can see, experiential learning is perhaps one of the best ways to ensure that your employees are truly getting trained. With this method of learning, training sessions would be beneficial for both employees and employers. 

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