M. Night Shyamalan on the deeper meaning of Servant's food porn

You wouldn’t expect to tune into a horror series from M. Night Shyamalan and walk away hungry, but that’s one of the many surprises of Servant, the Apple TV+ original with a second season premiering today. Shyamalan serves as the Executive Producer (and occasional director) for the series—created by Tony Basgallop—about a grieving Philadelphia couple, Dorothy and Sean Turner, whose new nanny seemingly opens their home to a Pandora’s Box of supernatural occurrences. Toby Kebbel’s Sean is stay-at-home consulting chef, and his gastronomic creations keep Servant a mouth-watering watch, even when it makes you want to shield your eyes in terror. Since food remains crucial component of season two’s twists and turns—including a pizza delivery with ulterior motives and a surely symbolic King Cake—The A.V. Club spoke with Shyamalan about the delicious metaphors found throughout the series. The filmmaker also shed some light on how they went about expanding the world of Servant in season two, while still never leaving the confines of the Turner’s beautiful home.

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